Curology: The Future of Clear Skin

As a millennial in their 20s, I was exhausted dealing with adult acne. I’ve had stubborn, difficult skin all my life (thanks, mom and dad). Nothing worked. I tried Proactive after seeing infomercials on MTV at night. I tried prescription topical creams and pills. I tried soaps with chemicals that bleached all my PJ shirts I wore from high school through college, but the shirts were the only things affected. I was at a loss. My face broke out worse than ever, greasy, and frowning because I was genuinely unhappy about how it looked. One day as I was doom scrolling through Instagram, I saw an ad for a company I never heard of. The ad asked me to take a quiz to see what I should be using on my skin. I said, “okay, I’ll bite.” I took the quiz and was interested in the results. It told me that everything I had been doing to take care of my skin was wrong. After the initial shock and confusion, I saw that I could try my personalized formula for just $5. I had never had a cream designed for my skin and especially not for only $5? Why not give it a shot. That was about two years ago. I have been using Curology ever since and I couldn’t be happier with the results.

Curology connects its patients with dermatologists from all over the country. Dermatologist Dr. David Lortscher, the creator of Curology designed Curology to bring “professionally guided acne care to tens of thousands of people who wouldn’t otherwise be able to access it or afford it.” In the Curology blog, Lortscher expressed that access to efficient, professional skincare was expensive and time-consuming. He wrote that “decades of clinical trials have shown that a few prescription ingredients really work on acne at a molecular level,” but these ingredients were rarely found in over-the-counter acne treatments. He wanted to design a way to make skincare more affordable and accessible, thus the creation of Curology.

In 2015, Dr. Lortscher launched Curology, becoming the first online service for customized skincare. Curology is unique in that each of their customers is sent their customized facial cream every two months by their dermatologist. New patients send pictures of their skin and fill out a survey about their skin to their assigned dermatologist. From here, the professionals evaluate their results and create the patient’s unique cream that is shipped right to their door. Patients have unlimited communication with their healthcare provider via a secure messaging platform.

My progress (from left to right) 2021 v. 2018

Curology holds its patients accountable by setting up “challenges” at the start of their treatment. Photo challenges allow the patient and Curology to track their progress and truly see their results.

This feature was huge for me. Being able to finally see progress was incredible. Not only was I able to see a difference, but I was also able to feel a difference in my skin’s texture. My skin was no longer oily and bumpy, it was now smooth and soft. Being able to easily talk to my provider was also super important to me. I realized I was still breaking out in some areas and my provider helped me tweak my formula and give me tips on how else I could reduce my breakouts.

Curology is truly paving the way for modern health care. After Curology’s success, we can now find personalized vitamin companies, skincare companies, and other personalized health services being shipped right to your door. Where dermatology was difficult to access for some, Curology is now able to bring healthy skin to acne sufferers all over the US.

After my success with Curology, I feel more confident than I’ve ever been. I also find joy in taking time to take care of my skin. Thank you, Curology!



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